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"I heard 'The Power of a Team' presentation at the American Urological Association conference in Orlando, FL. The message was compelling, commanding the attention of the entire audience. A remarkable journey through team dynamics lead by an experienced guide. The message touched our hearts and encouraged us to embrace the role that we play in our own teams. A timeless presentation that is central to the success of any organization."

-Jana Abrams, Atlantic Urological Associates

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" was clear throughout his workshop that he had done a large amount of research and preparation...As a result, the content of his presentation was extremely relevant to our members. ...I would strongly recommend Daren as an excellent choice for any organization, educational or otherwise, that is looking for useful and practical ways to strengthen their team and organization."

George Kozlovic, Langley Principals and Vice Principals Association

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Your powerful message was nicely aligned with our conference themes of knowledge translation and research collaboration. You kept the audience’s attention and provided a fun and relaxing learning environment. We believe that participants left with a stronger sense of team and commitment which will inevitably lead to new ideas about communicating and partnership within and external to our organization.

We have heard nothing but positive feedback from participants of the conference; they really enjoyed your presentation. The evaluations rated you as excellent and noted how your message was uplifting, energetic, and inspiring.

Jennifer Miller, PhD
Research Facilitator, Interior Health

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I have organized five national/binational events for this group, along with many provincial gatherings. You are the first and only speaker who has taken the time to understand who we are and customize information to be very useful in our everyday work.

Judy Dyck, MCC Canada

"Most delegate evaluations rated Daren's presentation as excellent in its relevance, style and usefulness, and the large majority agreed they would attend another session by Daren.
We were very pleased to feature Daren at our 2009 conference and would highly recommend him to others."

Susan Antosh, SAHO (Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations)

Daren is accomplished speaker and presenter who has the unique ability to create a presentation that will leave you feeling as if you have just had your mind massaged. I usually attend about 6 seminars, workshops, presentations, and educational sessions per year. You could say I am an “enthusiast”. Therefore, I can say with some authority that Daren ranks very high on my list of an accomplished speaker, who will not disappoint you with his presentation, style, or message.

Marian Gushue-Geiger, HR Professional

"You have our highest recommendation as a speaker. Your talk was a welcome change of pace, with a refreshing reminder on how we need to work together, and the benefits and necessity of being a part of a team. You captured the attention of our audience from the beginning with your mix of humour and seriousness, and your high energy motivated us all. Your talk was exactly what was required to pump us up and put us in a positive, cooperative frame of mind..."

Referral letter, Agricultural conference

"Daren's talk inspired me to go back to my agency and be more conscious of 'team' and how to continually develop and support our team."

Keynote attendee, Health Care conference

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