Clearwater SRD Feedback

Thank you Clearwater SRD for a chance to speak at your December gathering!

Below is a comprehensive listing of all the written feedback I received.
Daren Wride

What aspect of Daren's presentation connected with you?

Qualities/skills team, stories very helpful
Team get you through a crisis
His ability to use his experiences as learning tools
The stories really helped to get the meaning across
The aspect of trust
The strength of team
The trust aspect of teams and how they can weaken a team without it; also good to see what type of person you are and how people think differently
Some of the principles are similar to the seven habits of highly effective people which was a good reminder
The crisis aspect
Well spoken Daren. Great speaker
The fact that you used biblical perspectives to present your talk
Defining a quick/general analysis of team
How team both applied to my work and personal lives
The motivation; the examples/stories
Clear and compelling challenge
Aspect of "crisis"
The anecdotes (they are true ones)
Ability of a team

What value or benefit did you personally receive from this talk?

Reaffirm importance of understanding and connecting with different personality types to achieve an end goal
I need to be more empathetic and adapt more. Thank you
Importance of trust
Crisis talk
The encouragement; telling of his experience/tragedy
How to repair what I see as a team (or lack of team) issue in our office
Encouragement to lead by being first to adapt
Major crisis, I can see how God sustained me, with lack of what you call "team" present
Great personal stories
Understand how a team can work or not work
Validated some of my own thoughts
Identifying possible issues within our team and how to try and fix that
Thinking of how I can be a better member of my work and family team
Reiterated my feelings about trustworthiness
I realized my mother needs a team -- my father died -- I should be around more
The definition of a team
The importance of trust
Think about what I could improve on
Realizing others are there to help, conforming to others ways puts you ahead
Very useful with current work situation

What suggestions do you have to make this presentation more effective?

None -- very good -- thank you for speaking so well and for reaching us!
More technical
A few slides (PowerPoint)
Something where people pick out and recognise their own contribution to teams
I don't know -- it was very good, actually
I think it is as good as it gets
It was good. No changes needed
We could have a breakout session with a part of our work team that we must work with to discuss things we can do better
It was great!
N/A. Great talk!

Other Questions or Comments:

Thanks again
Very good!!!
You kept me interested for the entire presentation
Really good speaker period valuable talk
It was good and insightful
Thank you!
Very captivating
Thank you!

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