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Thanks for a chance to give some input to your event.
If you have any questions about anything from the seminar, feel free to email me. Have a great school year!
Daren Wride

Here is a compilation of all the feedback received at your event- as best as I could make out!

What aspect of Daren's presentation connected with you?

The ball needs to be thrown in a way that the receiver can catch it.
Practical ideas/suggestions/relevancy
Communication, trust and power of a team vs the individual
His personal anecdotes
Discussion on Team Motivation
The value of a team; the importance of teamwork.
We as individuals are not alone; people are there to help when needed.
Power of a Team and how important team is in being successful.
Voice/tone - style of oral communication. Message.
The stories were such illustrations of the concepts and principles. I learn thru story!
The components of a strong team and reinforcing trust
Importance of clear communication, the necessity of trust and the power of team.
Establishing stronger communication
To grow as a leader you must grow as a person.
Building trust so that we can build teams.
Communication - clarity, simplicity, empathy.
Connecting personal strength and receiver strengths when communicating.
Good upbeat communication, useful notes overview
Personal reflection
The motivation portion was particularly thought-provoking for me.
Understanding the variety of motivations, value of vulnerability
Comments on Communication, Trust, and section IV on Team Motivation
Motivation and clarifying team ideas
3 aspects/ 8 drivers
Urgency of having a team! Trust. Throw the ball in such a way . . .
Excellent pace and presentation. Trust and Communication.
His personal stories
Team in time of crisis.
Learning what my greatest motivator is.
The need of team, appreciation for it, vulnerability.
The power of a team; working together. Liked the last quote about indiv. impossible . . .
Must work on the idea of acknowledging the specialties that members of a team have and nurturing this.
Reminder of the importance of Communication.
Biehl's stuff on motivation.
Specificity, trust, motivators, drivers
Description/motivation for teams.
How important it is to be aware of communication - ie did they receive what I was sending? "throwing"
Personal examples and stories
Task/People/s/u activity
Stories to reflect importance of his message.
The power of working together as a team.
Personal stories
Motivation information very useful
Appreciated the personal and relevant stories.
Team building
Questions, etc. relating to trust - connects to what I need to do with my staff.
Relates directly to our relationships with staff, parents, students, etc.
Its relevance to our work and personal lives.
Support of team and value
Yes . . .
Power of team, strength.
Everything! Thank you!
Practical, not just theory
You don't motivate groups you motivate individuals
Discussions re communication
Teams allow people to specialize/focus on allowing people to do their best
Crisis --> rely on team
Motivating others. . . how?
Validates but also the crucial need for a team
Lense to view my team through stories and vulnerability.

What value or benefit did you personally receive from this talk?

Self-reflection and personal growth plan.
Good reminders/ personal reflections
Refocusing on what is important.
Thinking about communication, our own and others.
New perspective to begin school year with.
In a new relationship and "learning" how to communicate differently with a partner who is different than my "history".
Some great strategies and ideas.
Think about the essentials of effective communication when communicating with my staff. Think about what I would like them to know, feel, do!
Important reminders about the importance of developing trust/info on communication skills --> reminders.
Thoughts about trust; communications for building team. My communications with people - good practical and theoretical ideas.
Trustworthiness must be earned in all relationships and throwing so your message can be caught varies among listeners. That rings true.
My need to motivate my wife to keep doing the job she does as I go to work. She is my home team.
Think about how to expand the feelling of team w/in my site.
Ideas for improving staff meeting
So many reminders (and affirmations) about developing communication style to be more effective at home too.
Very specifically helpful for planning opening mtg. Thank you!
I worked through some strategies for building relationships (trust) that are a challenge as I get to know the staff of my new school.
It helped my to reconsider the complexity of my own role in the function of my various teams.
Reminder to pitch communication to listener's needs.
I gained additional insights on what motivates others.
It has helped give more structure to the 'Team' mantra I have been developing with staff.
Terrific - caused me to think, got great notes and ideas to take back to school.
Importance of Trust and Communication.
Value of Trust stressed so importantly.
Learning to communicate with others on their terms.
Review admin team - how we work together.
Thinking through who my personal support team is
Differences in ways of receiving messages.
Reminded me of how differently people communicate/respond.
The importance of team in all aspects of life.
Lots of personal/prof. reflection on how I communicate.
A reminder of the importance of vulnerability.
Need to build trust is key.
It gave my reassurance that I am on my way to building a strong school team and gave me ideas to further enhance my work.
The need to do it with a team.
Notion of needs being met.
A strong reminder to be cognizant of how I communicate.
Loads of reflection on roles of trust and communication in our school and team motivation.
Strategies to become a better communicator.
Continue to build trust, continue to work on communicating, the power of encouraging people.
Made me think of family as a team.
You kept things you communicated simple and easily translated to action.
The opportunity to reflect and look within at my strengths, motivations.
It was very informative and pertinent to my upcoming school year.
Thinking about what motivates me.
Great start to the year - motivational!
Gave me some great ideas to use in our opening staff meetings.
Some great analogies to work with staff.
Reflecting on personal areas.
It will assist me in effectively dealing with a situation I am facing with my team at my school.
Many of the things I already believe in were refreshed and reinforced.
Reminder of the importance of team.
Will help me shape my communication with my staff this year.
Power of team - trust.
Leaders need to be vulnerable.
Inspiration, being vulnerable, not feeling alone.
Know my team, OK to be vulnerable.
Greater understanding of my communication style - where I need to grow.
Help to re-focus the direction I had been planning to go - need to re-think it in working with my Board.
Motivational in that --> able to identify in part focus pts in context of position.
Thinking about what motivates me and my team, 1 sentence communication and Know, Feel, Do

What suggestions do you have to make this presentation more effective?

N/A The handout . . . reformat
A few more visual aids, a few more practical strategies.
None at this time, maybe more upon reflection.
Something visual
Visuals to help make connections.
Some visuals
Great presentation style and very motivational. Thank-you.
I think you did an awesome job. Good luck in your future!
A few more reflections stops would allow for more thorough gathering of thoughts.
Well done - you provided many great examples.
Enjoyed it very much - no suggestions
Excellent and well thought out!
More interaction/less sitting. Fewer sports analogies.
Only one --> for the 'chemistry' table group activity, leave enough time for all in the group to share - the potential is there for 'unbalanced' knowledge of some group members.
The stories were powerful.
It was great! Thanx
Some visuals
Keep up the great stories - connect w/ hearts
Some multimedia
Excellent presentation Daren!
You mentioned the multimedia could enhance your presentation.
A couple more 'out of seat' activities would be useful.
None that I can think of at the moment.
Some visuals
Possibly more interactive - group activities
More time for table talk.
I can't think of anything

More time to discuss - some visuals Possibly more gp discussion time - but great job in short time.
Need more time for people to talk at tables, give out complete notes, have visuals.
More activities!
None - great

Other Questions or Comments:

Thanks for the inspiration and practical, clear approach.
Very good presentation; well organized, lots of valuable info.
Thanks. Just a thought --> All lunatics might be individualists but not all individualists are lunatics.
Enjoyed the energy and knowledge.
Very good Daren - enjoyed what you had to say.
Personally really enjoyed your presentation. Great job! Thank-you!
Stories helped to solidify your pts.
Great job.
Thank you - a wonderful engaging presentation.
Thanks for sharing!
Great job!
Thank you!
I will be bookmarking your web site!
Good job - you really connected with the group.
It was really valuable.

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