Team Building Keynote
Darenís signature keynote, The Power of a Team, is an ideal conference and retreat opener or closer, as well as a strong luncheon or dinner speech. This presentation is rich in both content and entertainment value. Depending on the desired length (up to 75 minutes) this keynote deals with such questions as:
  • What are the traits of a healthy team?
  • How can we diagnose or evaluate our team?
  • How do we improve the level of trust on our team?
  • What can we do to improve our teamís comunication?
  • How can we motivate our team?
  • Prove that teamwork is essential for personal and professional success
Highly entertaining, yet packed with practical content, this talk will give your team a common language to address team issues and raise the value placed on teamwork in your organization.

"At certain points during his presentation, I observed members of the audience who simply stopped eating in the middle of the meal and were paying rapt attention. Evaluations for his talk were excellent."
-Richard Rutherford, Director- Practice Management, American Urological Association

"Darenís talk on Friday evening set the tone for positive energy at our retreat that permeated the rest of our weekend."
-Ken Guido, P. Eng. President
Empac Engineering

Video Excerpts from Team Presentation

Team Building Workshop
If you are looking for a workshop style presentation, Daren also offers half day seminars that expand upon the issues touched on in The Power of a Team keynote.
The workshop includes modules on
  • Team Definition and Evaluation
  • Team Communication
  • Team Trust
  • Team Motivation
  • Other specific team issues that are identified in pre-event research and consultation
View ALL the feedback from this half day team building workshop with a professional association, here: LPVPA

Personal Development Presentations
Release book If you want to provide the members of your team with a personal development opportunity, consider Darenís Release keynote, breakout session, or half day workshop.

This teaching will help individuals learn from their life experiences, gain clarity about where they want to go, and equip them to take strategic action today. This content has been described as "The things you need to get straight before you can do time management!"

These presentations are based on the life planning/life balance system Daren has developed, which is summarized in his book Release: a Wilderness Adventure of the Soul. Copies of the book are available at a reduced rate when purchased in bulk as part of a speaking engagement.

"This fast moving, exciting and insightful book makes you really think about who you are and where you are going."
-Brian Tracy, Author, The Way to Wealth

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