Introducing "Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul"

Release book In addition to my speaking on Teamwork, I have a passion for personal growth, change and planning.

Over the years I have taught on this topic in a wide variety of settings, basically passing on my own life planning and goal setting system, gleaned from a thousand sources and personalized in a way that works for me.

As it turns out, it works for a lot of other people to. The response to my speaking on this topic convinced me to put it down in book form. I wrestled with the different ways of doing this, and settled on using the fictional story of a two week solo wilderness trek to teach the three phases of what I refer to as "Release."

If you want the full sales pitch, you can go to the dedicated site at

I have presented the system I teach in Release in both keynote and workshop style. More info is found on my One Sheet.

Release is availalble in bulk at a large discount as a part of any speaking engagement.

Reactions to Release

"This fast-moving, exciting and insightful book makes you really think about who you are and where you are going."
Brian Tracy - Author - The Way to Wealth

"Your new book, Release is amazing. I had a hard time putting it down because I couldn’t wait to see what was going to unfold on each and every page. This may sound weird, but I had the feeling that you knew me well and wrote the whole story specifically for me.
Your skill in weaving essential messages into a story is terrific. I envisioned being in the same set of circumstances as the main character...feeling the fear, the pain, the challenges, but also the aha's, the awakening and the enlightenment stages he went through while learning your lessons and your guidelines for life. I for one will be reading it again as I work to implement the core concepts you conveyed.

So many people need this book. It gives a message of understanding, of clarity and of hope. The story is so powerful that I encourage you to put together some continuing education, workshops, or coaching programs for the many people that need to learn from your wisdom. When you do, I will be first in line.
Thanks again, Daren."
Wayne Cotton - CEO Cotton Systems

"After reading Daren's wonderful book, I bought several copies. Not only has it had a significant effect on my own life and outlook, I have had the opportunity to give copies to friends, colleagues and family who could use a nudge to move their life forward. The emails I then got back from those who were also inspired by the book were an extra gift to me. I am one of Daren's biggest fans, from his writing skills to his ability as a professional speaker. If you are inspired by his book, you will definitely be inspired by his message in person. So either way, call and book Daren."
Linda Edgecombe - Award Winning Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Accountability Expert

"Release has changed my life in profound ways. I have found no other book that is so simple to read, yet has such a unique ability to initiate deep self-reflection in the reader. This self-reflection is bound to put your life on a new, exciting course. I have bought several copies and am giving them out as gifts to all my close friends and family members for Christmas this year!"
-Sarah Taylor, MBA - CEO, Taylor Presentations, Inc.

"Hi, Daren,
I just read your book - I had borrowed it from our HR person who attended your talk just last week…
I had to email you and tell you that it's just fantastic. What a great read. I'll have to order my own copy! It was the last push to inspire me to make a few changes that I need to make in order to step closer to my goals…
Jasmine Edmundson

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