Educational Team Building

Do you need a speaker for a teachers' or principals' event?

If you're looking for a speaker for an education event, look no further.

I offer team building keynote addresses ideal for opening or closing team events, teacher and school staff appreciation days, as well as half day team building workshops.

Please click over to my home page, check out the testimonials and presentation options, and then give me a call so we can start planning make your team event a success, and make your team more effective.

Click Here to see ALL the written feedback from a half day team building presentation to a Principals and Vice Principals Association

Is Daren a fit for your event?

Daren Wride I have the highest respect for the faculty, administration and support staff of our schools.

I've designed my team building keynotes and seminars to both equip and motivate your teams to work in a more united and effective way.

One of my greatest discoveries in working with educational, business and non-profit teams is that a knowledge of team principles without a high value placed on teamwork, accomplishes nothing. It's not just about knowledge, it's about passion.

I have both a knowledge of team dynamics and passion to build strong teams. Yes, I do pass on some important team principles related to trust, communciation, motivation and evaluation. But I also carve out time in each presentation to raise the value of team and motivate the team I am working with to look for, build and strengthen the teams they need in their personal and professional lives.

I speak to many different types of groups about teamwork, but one of my favorites are those tied to the education system. If you are planning a school staff training event or retreat, an association gathering, or even a staff appreciation event, please give me a call and let's explore the possiblities of working together to build your team!

Contact Daren Wride for more information and to see if he is available for your dates.

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