Meeting Planners...

Daren Wride has spoken in a wide variety of settings and is quite flexible. The following ideas are offered as suggestions for making an event as mutually satisfying and successful as possible. Please call if you have any questions.

Room Set-up
A raised platform increases the communicatorís effectiveness for audiences of more than 40-50, and is essential for groups of more than 125. Video projection of the speaker is helpful when numbers exceed 500. Some presentations will require a small table or lectern on the platform for props and water.

Lapel or headset microphones give the greatest freedom to your speaker. Mounted microphones are detrimental to dynamic presentation.

Lighting should be such that the speakerís body and face are highly visible, AND that the speaker can see and respond to the audience.

Access to the meeting room by the speaker at least one hour prior to presentation will help eliminate surprises.

Audio and Video Recording
Audio and video recording of presentations is acceptable when:
  • Prior arrangements have been made
  • All rights to the recordings remain property of Daren Wride
  • The recordings are used internally, for noncommercial purposes
  • Daren receives the original recordings.

Travel and Accomodations

Business class preferred for flights over 4 hours.

Transportation between the airport, accommodations, and the presentation venue is requested.

Hotel: Non-smoking room, internet access, ideally with a gym. Booked by client when possible.

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