Everyone wants strong teams. But how do you build one?

You can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of people-hours on corporate team building events without improving the quality or effectiveness of your team.

Yes, everyone needs to grasp the foundational principles of teamwork. But your team will never reach its full potential until you and your people are convinced of the absolute value and necessity of teamwork and have an intrinsic passion for the team.

"I have organized five national/binational events for this group, along with many provincial gatherings. You are the first and only speaker who has taken the time to understand who we are and customize information to be very useful in our everyday work."
-Judy Dyck, MCC Canada

Daren Wride's team building workshops and keynote addresses will:
  • Provide a template for evaluating your team
  • Identify the non-negotiable components your team needs
  • Equip team members to strengthen the team
  • Entertain, challenge, unify and alter the perspective of your team
  • Teach principles for getting along with other team members
  • Prove that teamwork is essential for personal and professional success

Is Daren a fit for your event?

Daren Wride Do you want customization?
Daren's presentations are shaped to your group's specific needs. Check out this reference from a professional association event:
LPVPA Reference

Do you want a proven communicator? Daren has hundreds of presentations under his belt. Be sure to read this review from a medical practice in Florida: AUA Reference

Do you want to strengthen and inspire your team?
Review your presentation options here: Team Building Presentations

Contact Daren Wride for more information and to see if he is available for your dates.

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